10 Popular Applications Built with Python

4 min readDec 27, 2021

Python is a popular programming language that has created a massive rage in the IT domain. There are several Python websites on the internet that are a massive success. It is vastly popular with both novice and seasoned developers.

There are several factors for companies to consider before finally launching a project as per their business operations. And ever since outsourcing has become the leading trend in the IT domain, business organizations are looking to partner with a company that follows the latest trends.

Most of the top mobile and web app development companies today are using Python for software development and looking to replicate the success of some of the most popular applications there are.

Top Web and Mobile Apps Created Using Python

Here are some of the most popular web and mobile app built using Python:


Instagram is one of the biggest online pictures sharing social media applications in the world. It was designed by using Python on its backend. Right now, Instagram comprises the world’s biggest Django development framework setup which is completely written in Python.


No person needs to be reminded of the popularity of Google around the globe. More than 80% of internet users prefer surfing here compared to other search engines. According to Google developers, they built the website by using Python in the tech stack by adding C++ wherever necessary.


Spotify is a popular application among millennial users. It provides instant access to unlimited music to users without any loading or buffering delay. Spotify has amassed more than 50 million users ever since it was launched in 2008.

Although the Spotify website is designed with WordPress, developers used Python to create an app. As is the case with Instagram, Python is used for backend development here.

The backend in Spotify comprises several services interconnected by its own message protocol. A majority of these services are written in Python.


You hardly need any explanation for the popularity and success of Netflix. It is one of the leading online streaming applications. Netflix is spread across 45 countries with more than 50 million subscriptions. These subscriptions allow users to access TV shows and movies listed on the app.

Netflix developers chose Python to build the application as it comprises a standard library, easy syntax, a powerful community of developers, and several third-party add-ons that can be used to resolve any given issue during the process.


Another vastly popular application worldwide, Uber is a taxi service that is known to carry out more than 20 million trips each day. The developers of this application have revealed that they build the app primarily in Python along with Node.js, and Java wherever required.

While Node.js is used to build the marketing section and features, Python is used for everything else.


Dropbox is an application used to store and view pictures, documents, videos, and more. It is one of the fastest-growing web applications in the current scenario as it went from a thousand to millions of users in very little time.

Are you wondering how this was achieved? They use Python to build this application or to even update it. This is possible because the man who created Python, Guido Van Rossum, is now a prominent part of Dropbox making it one of the most efficient Python stacks in the IT domain.


Pinterest is a bookmarking application that allows its users to collect data like pictures, videos, and more to share it with their subscribers. This also includes sharing certain events, interests, and hobbies on the Pinterest wall.

Pinterest developers have said that they use Python along with a modified Django near the application layer.


Reddit is another successful and popular application that has a massive monthly active user count of 300 million. Developers at Reddit are of the view that Python stands out because of its readability and easy-to-write features.

The excellent UI and efficiency of the Reddit application have made it one of the best Q&A websites and applications worldwide. This app has a very large community of developers which demands the website or application to be updated regularly.

To carry this out, Python is considered more ideal compared to other programming languages. And it is mostly because of its simple and precise programming features.

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