5 Important Skills Flutter Developers Should Have in 2022

4 min readJan 13, 2022

When Google launched Flutter in 2018, it became the only notable framework that helps developers create a single app for multiple operating systems. It was the first innovative framework that managed to attract several leading app development companies in very little time.

One crucial aspect that makes Flutter a better option compared to other frameworks is the cost-effectiveness it offers. Reduced development costs automatically attracted both developers and project stakeholders due to which the demand also started to rise sharply.

With Flutter, development teams can avoid creating multiple applications for different platforms like Android, iOS, Web, etc. A similar codebase can be used to create an app or product that will work as required on all platforms.

Although Flutter has gained unparalleled popularity over the years, it is still new to the market compared to other frameworks. Thus, there are certain skills every developer must emphasize to become a good Flutter app developer.

Skills Required for Effective Mobile App Development with Flutter

Here is a quick breakdown of these skills:

Adequate Knowledge of Native Programming Languages

Before you begin coding in the Flutter framework, it is very important that you have a decent understanding of Android app development programming languages like Java, C, or Kotlin.

When it comes to iOS, any experience and knowledge of Swift become very important for the development of a cross-platform app. Familiarity with these programming languages allows developers to have a good idea about where Flutter stands in the market and how it works.

Knowledge and Experience in Dart

Dart is a client-based programming language used by developers to create apps with Flutter. It is an object-oriented language that allows teams to write scripts for coding seamlessly.

According to leading app development experts in the domain, Dart is no different than C and Java which is why it should not be complex to hold a grasp over it. Dart can be used for web and mobile app development, server development, and more making it a multidimensional language that brings the cross-platform factor into the picture.

Several app development companies emphasize on experience and knowledge of Dart before bringing on board any developer on their team.

Familiarity with Agile and Waterfall Methodologies

In the current business environment, unilateral skill or experience in a developer is often looked at as a liability. Developers need to be equipped with sharp skills and knowledge of various development methodologies.

Since we are discussing Flutter app development, the larger emphasis falls upon the most used methodologies that are Agile and Waterfall development methods.

The Agile methodology can be used as an umbrella term for different frameworks and sets of development practices that have 12 principles listed in the Agile Manifesto. This shows how the approach is completely different from the Agile method.

Waterfall methodology, on the other hand, consists of a sequential development life cycle that is easy to both understand and implement. It is considered the core methodology in software development because it was the first SDLC model.

The workflow process of Flutter app development relies significantly on these two models which makes it imperative for developers to increase their knowledge of these methodologies.

Expertise in SQLite

SQLite is a necessity in a multiple framework development setting as it helps in the storage of continuous data and also loads it every time it is required. In Flutter, however, SQLite provides more advantages.

For instance, it can be integrated with Flutter easily using a suitable plugin, and various operations like insert, read, add, delete, etc., are also performed. The knowledge of SQLite is a requirement in Flutter because it provides a wide range of information through developers.

Only when developers are familiar with the technology can they handle large amounts of data with efficacy. Thus, knowing SQLite is paramount.

Knowledge of Git

For a great part of the last decade, Git has become a crucial cog in the progress of a developer’s growth. And this has very little to do with the framework and programming language used.

Most of the cases have seen Git being used as a tool or as a community of developers. With Flutter app development, it is no different. It is common for every developer these days to familiarize with Git early on because it becomes a regular and irreplaceable component in the work process.

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