5 Major Benefits of Using Ember JS for Web Development

4 min readMar 10, 2022

Ember JS is a popular JavaScript framework that is free to use. It helps developers handle all the common tasks in web development projects and it offers some useful features with an engaging UI. This blog post is focused on discussing the benefits of using Ember JS to develop a web app.

A Quick Overview of Ember JS

Ember JS is a framework that enables developers to create SPAs with MVVM patterns. It combines several recent JavaScript methods and applications into a single package.

Software developers also use this framework to create both desktop and mobile apps. It is one of the reasons Ember JS has been received well by startups and businesses across different industries. One of its biggest plus points from their point of view is that it prevents developers from writing repetitive codes.

How Ember JS is Used in Development?

During a web development project, developers are required to complete certain tasks. They develop code, send it to the server, it is rendered on the screen, and the code is updated if any changes are made.

Ember JS allows developers to focus on these tasks in situations when they are required to rewrite the same code because of basic browser tools. It was also created with the finest web application practices in mind. Several developers have termed it as a reliable tool for building scalable and adaptable startups.

Benefits of Using Ember JS for Web Development

Here are some of the benefits of using Ember for web application development:

Powerful Add-Ons

Ember JS comprises an appealing package ecosystem that is essentially large and well-developed. This is one of the reasons developers why developers can be sure of finding the right add-ons to address their issues. This framework also has its own website that organizes these packages into categories and also according to ratings.

Ember JS also allows developers to include regular npm packages in the components to help you utilize them. By running the command ‘Ember addon name’, they can create their own package.


Even though the configuration concept is more closely related to Ruby on Rails, Ember makes pretty good use of it to benefit developers. It renders them with the best practices for development along with a method for changing them.

While there have been instances when it has limited developer independence along with autonomy, Ember is still considered as an ideal choice for increasing productivity and developing speed in 90% of the scenarios.

Command Line Interface

The Ember JS framework consists of a Command Line Interface for web apps that allow developers to interface with the operating system of their machine. It provides a project structure that includes add-ons and builds that all but ensure live reloads and fast rebuilds.

Ember also comprises a Brocolli.js build process which is a primary tool for generating code, running tests, and carrying out live recompilations. Some of the popular frameworks integrate a CLI tool similar to Ember which indicates its increasing significance.

This CLI tool is capable of constructing a full application with a single command. It also allows developers to choose which functionalities the application would have.


When Ember 2.0 was released, it introduced a fine concept of stability without stagnation. It implies nothing but constant improvement that can be critical to make sure no feature or function is left behind.

The result of this is that Ember became backward-compatible and it also indicated that any upgrades would not damage applications that are built with previous versions of the framework. While the upgrade procedure is simple, the user is alert about the changes that will be generated due to deprecation warnings.

To solidify the stability further, Ember has a fixed plan of releasing a new, stable version frequently. The most likely period for this to happen is six weeks.

Community Support

There are several successful frameworks out there that claim Community Support to be one of their strongest features. And Ember JS is one of them. It has very impressive numbers of more than 850 volunteers on Github and almost 25 thousand comments on Stackoverflow.

Just these two platforms cover more than 50% of common development issues and are conveniently handled by someone from the community. All discussions take place in the public domain with complete transparency given. Moreover, the Ember JS library includes versioned documentation with Ember-specific channels on Slack.

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