6 Skills Every React JS Developer Must Know

4 min readJan 24, 2022

ReactJS has been used by almost every app development because of the sheer efficiency and time management it renders in a project. Software developers in particular are vastly in favor of using this JavaScript framework because of both its reputation and the ease of forming a team.

As React is one of the most popular software development frameworks going around, every aspiring developer will make it a point to learn coding with this framework and its components in great detail. This is also good for the IT market as more than 70% of software applications built using ReactJS have proven profitable for their firms.

This blog post dives into what skills hold prominence in 2022 for a developer to specialize in ReactJS programming and development.

Skills That Will Help You Become an Expert React Developer

Here are 6 skills that are crucial to help a developer gain expertise in development with ReactJS.


HTML and CSS are two skills every developer must be proficient at to build a quality interface. The app interface is a fascinating aspect that attracts users and engages them with the app.

To build an application in any of the major industrial domains, ReactJS developers need to be experts in HTML and CSS. The expertise is supposed to be beyond basic knowledge. Almost every front-end developer knows HTML and CSS and is accustomed to working with the UIs to build engaging apps for enterprise-level businesses.

Thus, it is an important skill to learn in order to master programming with ReactJS.


JSX is another extension of the ReactJS environment like HTML. It is also an important part of the React framework. Developers generally do not delve deep into HTML while working in this environment.

The reason for this is, most of the interaction is done through JSX. From a technical point of view, JSX is an abstraction layer for the React.createElement().

It is also an important part of the development process as it allows developers to build their apps using this API which can be a complex task. Therefore, having some sort of familiarity with JSX will be beneficial to the developers.

JavaScript Fundamentals with ES6

Another very important skill that helps developers fine-tune their understanding of the ReactJS framework is the JavaScript fundamentals with ES6.

If the developers have sufficient knowledge of the JavaScript fundamentals + ES6, they can utilize the ReactJS framework completely. The fusion of this skill with ES6 can be the reason for inconsistency among development teams.

Some of the well-known ES6 skills are:

1. Variables & Scoping: This is a common trend of storing variables in general. With ES6 involved here, developers have the liberty to take a step forward and only pick from a range of keywords like `let`, ‘good’, and ‘const’.

2. Array Methods: Even on days when it is easy to store data in arrays, retrieving and making changes to it can be difficult. However, these tasks become rather seamless because of numerous tools offered by JavaScript like ‘map’ and ‘filter’.


Each developer in this modern development era needs to be accustomed to the Git toolkit. It provides teams with the flexibility to add or update projects on various coding forums such as GitHub, Gitlab, and BitBucket.

Some of the highly implemented tasks include merging strategies, managing conflicts, and using push and pull for the planned execution of changes. It is important that the developers are familiar with the usage of these platforms that includes:

· Keeping track of modifications without any comment.

· Merging the branching strategies

· Proper handling of merge conflicts.


Redux can also be defined as a virtual library of ReactJS. It is another pivotal skill every experienced web developer is known to possess. Development teams have dealt with the asynchronous nature of ReactJS updates with great complexity in the past.

As an ideal solution to this, Redux was introduced as a hot button feature for the team. It is very similar to the principles of functional programming. It is important developers are not mistaken into considering the same solution for all instances. Thus, developers must excel in Redux.

Node + NPM

It is almost considered common knowledge in the IT domain for developers to possess decent knowledge of nodes to proactively anticipate what an application requires. There are certain packages in the node that could be added to the react library as an extension.

Along with the nodes, it is widely expected for every ReactJS developer these days to be an expert on the NPM registry. This is where software that streamlines the development of another software solution is hosted.

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