7 Trends That are Expected to Shape E-Commerce App Development in 2022

4 min readFeb 28, 2022

As we all live in rapidly evolving times, there is a demand for swift and productive business strategies that help organizations race ahead of their competitors. The obvious challenges every business organization is facing right now are constantly increasing competition, a rise in advertisement costs, and the regular shift in customer behavior.

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, e-commerce applications have gained more business than ever. According to statistics, almost every e-commerce organization has seen an increase of 80% in revenue.

Top Trends for E-commerce App Development

The above-mentioned statistics all but confirm that the e-commerce industry is all set to take the pole position in IT with several applications in the pipeline for the next decade. In this blog post, we will discuss the major trends that are likely to shape e-commerce app development in 2022.

Personalized Offering

The year 2022 will witness an increase in the collection of cross-channel data on the customers. This will enable businesses to generate tailored experiences and it will also be a suitable way to set your e-commerce company away from the company.

Customers these days are more inclined to connect with brands that do the homework, are aware of what they want, and are the ones who produce unique products.

Showing of Gratitude

It is always advised for businesses to express gratitude to customers by communicating in unique ways. It is an idea hailed by several CRM experts who have stated that it demonstrates a form of respect the company has toward the customer and it also gives them a real chance of customer retention. So working this feature out during development is very much necessary.

Many organizations also use the ‘thank you’ email or message to carry out promotions that will attract more customers.

Improving the Page CTR

It is widely known that using products rated high and related to consumers’ goal categories increases the CTR on product pages. Customers always tend to pay more attention to popular items as they are keen to understand why something is trending.

A well-designed system of recommendation comprising filtered features is a must to identify customer interests and boost the sales of your organization.

E-commerce Platform Optimization

As far as e-commerce platforms are concerned, they include several product listings with other components like images, heavyweight features, etc. All these elements have the potential to optimize your website by many notches and also generate good search engine results. This is why website optimization is paramount.

Mobile Page Load Time

Google has used website load speed as one of the bigger ranking factors for quite some time now. Websites that load quickly tend to perform a lot better across various marketing and SEO KPIs. This includes organic listings, site engagement, conversion, bounce rate, etc.

If statistics are anything to go by, optimizing the load time of a website by 0.1 seconds increases the conversion rate to more than 10%. Further, popular Google surveys have pointed out that more than 50% of online visitors tend to abandon mobile websites as they take almost more than three seconds to load.

Voice Search

Voice search has become a massive trend not just in the e-commerce domain but across websites. Popular voice assistants like Google’s Echo, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri are some of the prime examples of how important this feature is for an app.

Users tend to use a voice search for various tasks like playing music, setting an alarm, listening to the daily news, and more. In e-commerce apps, the voice search feature can be productively used to search for a product that a user is looking to purchase.

As time progresses, more and more users are getting accustomed to the usage of voice search for every activity. There are many more parameters that developers need to think about with the voice search feature like recognizing multiple languages, dialects, and more.

Augmented Reality

AR technology has played a significant role in enhancing user experiences in the e-commerce domain. Whenever they are shopping online, users are always looking for a convenient and user-friendly shopping experience.

AR-integrated e-commerce applications allow users to view different types of products from any location. They can check for parameters like varieties, prices, reviews, colors, sizes, etc. The disconnect of how an online product might look in real-life is covered by AR beautifully.

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