91social’s Remote Work Culture

An anecdote of a young and small IT services company, and how it has transitioned to productively working-from-home amidst the pandemic.

A gif depicting the transition from office-based work to remote work.

Remote onboarding experience:

Remote work experience:

  1. Motivation — 91social truly believes in a flat hierarchy, and gives the employees flexibility to work in their style, definitely with some accountability. This work environment and the team kept me motivated about our vision, and how we are to achieve it. This not only acted as an intrinsic motivation to get things done but also gives me the opportunity of learning by working. There are fortnightly one-to-one meetings with the mentors, to discuss any areas of concern, and this also allows the mentors to motivate any low employees.
  2. Communication — Most of the work that we do at 91social requires a high level of interaction between individuals, and communicating remotely has never been a problem for us. As a young team, using tools for communication was never a problem for us, and the way we communicate almost emulates the in-person communication style.
  3. Collaboration — To be focused on a goal, and to make remote work more efficient requires collaboration between all individuals in a team. For this, we’ve relied on a plethora of online tools and one such tool in our kitty is Slack. Internally, the long email chains are replaced by short messages on Slack. The channels on Slack also help us keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest happenings within the organization, and I believe this has strong implications on our positive work engagement.
Image for Motivation, Communication, and Collaboration

Pitfalls and Recovery:

P.S. — We're actively looking for front-end and back-end developers to join our team. If you love to code, and are looking for full-time or internship opportunities, drop us a note on the above-mentioned email, and we'll get back to you.



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