How Has Technology Impacted the Healthcare Industry?

4 min readJun 13, 2022


With so much changing in the world around us, it is astounding to look back and reflect on how far we have progressed technologically. As many industries have found success with emerging technologies, the same thing applies to healthcare.

Be it an improvement in the operational aspect or patient care standards, technology has transformed the healthcare domain for both medical practitioners and patients. In this blog post, we will learn about some of the leading trends that are changing the healthcare industry today.

5 Trends That Are Transforming the Healthcare Domain

The following trends are impacting healthcare and its transformation.

Availability of Big Data

The availability of data and the ways of storing it have become a hallmark of this digital age. Things like the internet, data capture systems, search features, and the ability of healthcare professionals to share this at a swift pace have enhanced the analyzing process.

Big data in the healthcare domain enables the field to benefit from the relevant research studies. It also enables them to access large and diverse population groups compared to earlier. They can also choose from existing studies to carry out a sufficient amount of analysis.

These are the types of innovations that allow medical professionals to stay updated with the health care trends, techniques, and technologies. They can also be used to identify risk factors automatically so that the right treatment patterns can be implemented on each patient with the help of data.

Improved Communication

Just as in any other industry, healthcare also faced challenges with communication between departments and teams. The staff often works in specialized teams with each of them playing a role in patient care.

Tech innovations in the healthcare domain have made communication more convenient and smooth within healthcare organizations. Medical professionals can also use media such as video, online discussion forums, and real-time meeting capacities to improve their level of knowledge. Almost all relevant departments in an organization are provided with in-house EMRs to facilitate proper case management, treatment, and patient recovery.

The communication between the staff members, especially those who work in different locations has also improved many notches courtesy of evolving technologies.

Integrated Medical Records

Before technology, medical information from a few visits to the General Practitioner, medical specialists, dentists, etc., were held in various locations with different healthcare organizations and hospitals.

Integrated enables access to all patient histories, diagnoses, test results, and relevant information to be stored in a central location. This data enables more focused and accurate care along with the ability to see health trends for each individual.

Medical billing systems also enable hospitals, clinics, and medical practices to operate in an efficient manner.

Accessibility of Advice

Online medical advice services like video-conferencing, message consultation, etc., have become cost-effective methods to complement these services. During the pandemic recently, these services saw a significant surge as they become a means to curb the transmission of the virus.

This can be very much beneficial to those who are living in rural, regional, and remote areas that require regular access to medical specialists who are not available in a physical capacity. Generally, a GP and other practitioners like nurses, health workers, etc., provide these services online via a video chat to the patient.

Increased Mobility

Mobile applications have played a critical role in improving the accessibility for patients and healthcare professionals. They enable people to manage heath by prompting them for regular checkups via alerts and also by assessing the test results received online from the GP.

As already iterated a couple of times in this blog, Healthcare professionals are never in one fixed location. Allowing them to access the networks from their mobile device or a shared tablet enables them to quickly access information related to diseases, images for clinical matters, drugs, continuous education activities, and other resources that support their daily work.

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