Low-Code Plus Traditional Application Development: The Way Forward?

A new way to manage and operate different application deliveries.

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  1. Meal Delivery
  • Broaden the app development space to citizen users: As mentioned earlier , low-code platforms allow a wider pool of citizen users to work on and improvise the speed at which apps can be built. Instead of the traditional development team being single handedly responsible for a growing number of app based requests, business users are now contributing to digital transformation efforts by creating and modifying their own processes, without writing complex code.This makes the process of development more accessible for citizen users . As a result, businesses can free their developers from routine coding work and utilise these highly skilled individuals to more strategic core business processes.
  • Facilitate faster application building: In addition to making applications more available and less complex, the low-code platform also speeds up the development and deployment process. With this approach, companies can reduce development timelines from weeks or months to days.
  • Streamline consistent application deployment: Low-code environments can integrate into toolchains (or a set of programming tools) that can automate the deployment process of applications across different business environments. This allows apps created by non-developers to be deployed in the same way as traditional developer-based apps. This gives a lower cost of ownership because it allows a low-code platform to more easily integrate into the business processes and workflows the organization already has in place. This minimizes the risk of disruption and irregularities.

To know more about application development and whether a custom-built application or a low-code development is the right choice for your app development process, please write to us at social@91social.com. We’ll be glad to help you.



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