Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Apps in 2022

4 min readApr 14, 2022

Artificial Intelligence has impacted the IT domain in many ways that we can begin to fathom. It is now considered the big future of almost every industry. While AI has made great progress over the years, it has also generated great progress across industries and organizations.

Businesses largely hinge on AI to deliver unique experiences to their customers seamlessly. In this post, we will discuss some of the best Artificial Intelligence applications in 2022.

Top AI Apps Used in 2022

The following are the most popular AI applications.


There is nobody in the IT domain who is not familiar with this dynamic application called SIRI. It is a famous virtual assistant created by Apple to assist users on major Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and more.

Siri uses various voice queries with a natural language UI to function. It is able to make calls, send text messages, answer questions, and also offer recommendations. It can delegate requests to several internet services and also adapt to the user’s language and preferences.


CORTANA is another highly popular AI application that is used as a virtual assistant in Microsoft applications and devices. The AI-powered virtual assistance is mostly available on Windows 10, Windows Mobile, Microsoft applications, Android, iOS, and Windows MR.

It is also popularly available on different headsets like HyperX CloudX, Razer Kraken 7.1 V2, and Sennheiser GSP350. Most of the Windows 10 PCs have CORTANA built-in. This helps users of such PCs with simple tasks from day one.

CORTANA offers hands-free help along with answers to questions. It provides reminders, keeps notes, and also takes care of tasks that help in managing the calendar. With time, it is known to learn more and perform these tasks more efficiently.

Google Assistant

Since it was launched in 2016, Google Assistant has gained popularity from the get-go due to which Google has also made significant strides. This is also considered the ideal time to look into how advanced it is.

Google Assistant is available on several popular devices like smartphones, headphones, fridges, cars, and even at home. It supports both voice and text entry which makes it rather simple for users to make complete use of it.

It offers various services like language processing, voice commands, search, helping with tasks, setting a reminder, helping with various tasks, making appointments, and more.


Alexa is an AI-based virtual assistant powered by Amazon. It was used earlier on with other devices like Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart. All these devices comprise smart speakers that can be used for music mostly.

Alexa uses the voice queries along with the many natural language processing, music playback, voice interaction, etc. to help users find what they are looking for. It can also create to-do lists, set alarms, and also provide real-time information about the weather, traffic, etc.

Several devices with Alexa allow users to activate it with a wake word. Other devices like Android and iOS mobile also use Alexa through voice recognition. It can be used on all types of devices by carrying out simple installation steps.

Most of the devices have now started to provide free activation of Alexa to increase its popularity and also enhance user experiences.

Elsa Speak

Elsa speak is a popular AI-powered application used for the purpose of learning English. It helps the user to understand and pronounce English as it is which is why it has gained popularity. AI extensively helps app users here with instant feedback, their command of the language, and what progress they are making.

This dynamic application uses speech recognition technology to generate followers and also has seen more than four million downloads of the app. However, the official figure is said to be 3 million users across several countries.

This app starts by offering a trial period of seven days provided by the app after which the user will be required to buy ELSA pro. ELSA Speak is available on Android and iOS devices for users to utilize and do some quick learning.

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