Top 5 Benefits of Using jQuery For Front-End Web Development

4 min readMar 25, 2022

During constantly evolving times, businesses will look to consistently deliver content to various platforms and devices. The advent of devices like smart TVs, smartwatches, etc., has made the need for it all the more important. To develop Web Apps of these standards, jQuery is said to be an ideal solution.

Advantages of Building Web Apps Using jQuery

Here are a few advantages of building web applications using jQuery

It Promotes Simplicity

According to a survey, developers have found jQuery easy to learn and intuitive. The library here is built on simpler and shorter code. It comprises open coding standards that allow developers to shorten the time it can take to deploy an application or site.

Also, developers do not need expertise in programming or web design to create styles for their sites. Those who spend hours coding and testing CSS files are very likely to appreciate the implementation that jQuery brings to the table.

There are many jQuery components here that developers can use as plug-ins for their websites.

jQuery Elements Are Displayed All Times

Using jQuery, manipulating the HTML DOM has been a widely accepted practice of manipulating a web page so that the content is rendered even if JavaScript is disabled in the browser.

Because the HTML DOM is constantly present, there is no real need to worry about browser settings. Further, development using jQuery can reduce the instances of help desk tickets. Any help desk will be thankful for the fact that the developers are coding proactively to avoid browser crashes.

Easy to Integrate with Visual Studio IDE

An extension of Visual Studio IDE, NuGet makes it easy to add, remove, and update libraries in projects using the .Net framework. NuGet has been around for a substantial amount of time and it has become a trusted source for developers to develop packages for Visual Studio.

Visual Studio supports the integration of the jQuery library through the dialog box. It activates the different features of Visual Studio that give the developer immediate access to jQuery methods and syntax without leaving any code view for research. There are no better tools for working in a .net environment.

As the jQuery mobile theme is used for Windows, all the benefits of the jQuery library are available for the Windows Phone platform.

Animated Apps Like Flash

The development of web apps in Flash requires plenty of learning. For an average developer, it could take several years of practice to create an engaging animation that adds weight to a project. jQuery is an open-source framework that requires only basic HTML and JavaScript knowledge.

For instance, let us assume a developer can afford a good flash software, he or she still needs to code for browsers and platforms that do not support Flash and for users who may not be able to view the content.

jQuery is a combination of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and AJAX as markup-based technologies that are poised to work well in tandem. This means developers can apply an optimization strategy for their website without the need for making any special adjustments for technologies like Flash.

jQuery Pages Load Faster

Most of the popular search engines believe that using page load time is one of the factors affecting SEO. Due to this reason along with a few others, it is important for every developer to make code as light as possible.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to reduce the size of the code. If the site is coded with HTML and CSS based, it is easy to make uniform adjustments to the code and reduce the size. Like CSS, jQuery files are stored separately from the web page. It enables the developer to make modifications across the application through a single repository.

jQuery also gives developers the option of loading div tags particularly when they are needed. This allows users to display what a user needs to see immediately while the rest of the division elements load when the requirement arises.

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