Top 6 IoT Applications in 2022

4 min readApr 19, 2022

For quite a while now, the IoT has been considered to be the next big thing in technological evolution. It is considered to be a fusion of the actual world with the digital world where easy communication between people, objects, and processes is made.

The Internet of Things enables the activation of objects are activated and controlled remotely via an internet network infrastructure that creates opportunities for integration between two different environments in a secure manner.

In recent times, IoT apps have changed the ways of everyday life in several aspects. The power and significance of internet connectivity have reached beyond smartphones and computers now. The internet also allows physical objects to record, monitor, or exchange data with minimal human effort.

In this post, we will discuss some of the popular IoT applications in the year 2022.

Top IoT Apps in the Market Now

According to the market trends, here are the top IoT applications in 2022 you should know about.

Smart City

Smart city, also known as “City of the Future”, is a very popular Internet of Things app concept that shows how technology can be used for the improvement of urban infrastructure to also make urban centers more efficient, cheaper, and better to live in.

This application also aims to induce economic growth while also helping in the maintenance of environmental reforms. The idea of a “Smart City” is to address the plans of public administration through the automation of services on both the creative and government front whether it includes transport, traffic management, energy, healthcare, and innovative practices.

Smart Home

Smart Home is an IoT application that has been trending for a very long time ever since the idea of it was discovered. This application was designed to control home appliances that include lights, ACs, fans, etc while placing prominence on home security and safety with the help of smart systems.

With smart homes, the owner of the property has access to control and monitor the activities with gadgets like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. For instance, a Smart Home user can use his or her phone to turn off the oven. This app allows users to manage all home devices from a single location.

Self-Drive Cars

Self-drive cars were almost considered a myth or at the very least, a thing for the future even two decades back. However, now you can use smart car technologies to control these functionalities with a smart device.

Centralized systems installed in the car would receive data from the sensors that are installed inside the car to determine the engine oil level, water temperature in the radiator, and more. The user can also monitor the state of the car including its location, oil level, gas, etc with the help of a phone application.

IoT in Farming

In the current day, farmers can conveniently use intelligent IoT farming apps to optimize several time-consuming farm operations and also present users with opportunities to change the farming industry. IoT also helps users determine the ideal time to harvest crops, generate chemical-based fertilizers, detect soil nutrients, etc.

Smart farming helps install a series of sensors throughout agriculture including livestock to monitor the health status of all the animals. There are several such sensors that are now being in the farming industry be it to predict the weather or monitor the status.

Fitness Trackers

IoT devices can help users optimize their fitness goals and track their progress conveniently. These fitness trackers can track the daily activities of the user like his or her sleeping patterns, heart rate, workout ratio, calories, and more. These devices perform such action with the sensors that are collected from the skin of the user.

Smart Factories

Smart factories are the ones that use IoT technology so that it gathers data on industrial processes and devices. This would make it easy to form strategic plans and also generate more efficiency.

Machine equipment is often connected to sensors for better analytics. These technologies can help factories reduce energy consumption, propel better asset tracking, and also discover equipment issues early so that it improves productivity.

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