Top 6 Virtual Reality Applications in 2022

4 min readApr 11, 2022


Virtual Reality has been a trendsetting technology for businesses on how they can engage their audience with the best experiences through immersive applications.

While applications have been a massive trend for many years now, every year brings out something new to the forefront. And VR is a technology that has actively contributed to almost every industry. In this blog post, we will discuss the top VR applications across industries in 2022.

Top VR Applications in 2022

Here are the six most popular Virtual Reality applications in 2022

Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR is a very popular application that helps users explore different parts of the world from a fresh perspective. It is a great application to use because people from various geographical locations can explore the planet in elaborate detail.

It also provides advanced search features that can be very helpful in the promotion of VR keyboards. It is designed based on the headset controller. Google Earth enables users to virtually visit various places of the world, measure heights, and areas, zoom down to street view, see the globe and even spin it in 360-degree view, etc.

VR Space

For users who are VR enthusiasts, this application is the ideal solution that makes users engage with the VR universe. It enables them to experience a close to a real tour of the sun, stars, constellations, etc. All this can be done by connecting to appropriate VR devices.

A VR headset is enough for this and it does not necessarily need additional controls. It offers users an enthralling VR journey to space and other prominent objects of the universe.

This application comprises amazing features like the experience of ambient music, an alluring view of space and planets, highly optimized VR adventures along with an immersive VR interface.


GoPro has become a very popular application that captures pictures and videos from dynamic locations. Any image that is captured gives a full 360-degree view and seldom misses a shot from where you are viewing the camera.

GoPro generally consists of a wide-angle than can often be used to transfer images to multiple devices and to be played in offline mode. These videos and pictures can also be shared offline without any internet connectivity.

This application comprises several additional features like limitless cloud backups, storage, support for multiple formats, and real-time VR events.

Sites in VR

This VR application helps users reach any destination of their choice and it gives them the feeling of roaming around popular monuments. Users could find several places that are related to ancient architecture and would make VR touring overwhelmingly nice in no time.

There are many features like turning the stereoscopic mode on, an automated collaboration of sensors, more such movements, and the quality of panoramic images also improves substantially.

Titans of Space

Using this immersive application, users are likely to have the best experiences and can go through the moon and the solar system virtually. This app comprises very good soundtracks that add color to the visual and make the user improve his or her experience.

The cabins of a virtual flight in this application have a cockpit for users to navigate on their own while they try to find details of all the space objects floating around them. This app comprises features like drift correction, multi-language support, complete control over a multitude of options all the others.

Google Art and Culture

This is a VR application that invites users to a world of amazing VR tours around popular and heritage places like museums. Users can generally click on the pictures being posted and compared them to classical art. However, this app renders a personalized experience where the user can click over a portrait and compare it with the art.

Using 360-degree Panorama, users can have full museum tours with an immersive gallery and enhanced customizations.

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