Top 7 Advantages of Using Vue.js for Web App Development

4 min readMar 17, 2022


Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework used for building engaging UIs. It is quite different compared to other frameworks as it is designed to be adaptable from the ground up. The core library of this framework is primarily focused on the view layer and makes it easy to integrate with other libraries and existing projects.

Apart from this, Vue also possesses the capability of powering advanced SPAs when used in tandem with modern tools and supporting libraries. In this post, we will discuss the advantages of using Vue.js for web application development.

Top 7 Advantages of Vue.js

Here are the top benefits of Vue.js that prompt developers to opt for it:


It has been a known fact that the success of a JavaScript framework can depend on its size many times. The smaller the size, the more in demand the framework is likely to be. One of the biggest known advantages of Vue.js is its small size.

The framework size is of 18KB-21Kb which makes it very easy for the users to download and use it.

Easy to Understand

The ease of understanding that it provides to the users is one of the primary reasons for the popularity of the Vue.js framework. Users can easily add it to the web project as it has a very simple structure. It comprises a well-defined architecture for storing data, life-cycle methods, and custom methods in separate locations.

It consists of great features like watchers, computed properties, and directives that make the web application building process smooth.

Simple Integration

Another notable benefit of Vue is that it facilitates users to integrate with the already existing applications. This is mainly because the JavaScript framework is integrated into other apps that are built on JavaScript. Users can now add Vue.js seamlessly and start using it.

Several third-party components and libraries of Vue are available with Vue.js CDN. This means users can start using Vue.js without setting up node and npm. This means it can also be used to develop new web apps and also to make changes to the existing applications. It can also be used as a replacement for jQuery.


Flexibility is another advantage of Vue.js that has made it popular among developers. It allows them to write templates in HTML files, JavaScript files by using virtual nodes. This flexibility makes it easier to understand for React and Angular developers or any other new JavaScript framework for that matter.

It is also easy to add Vue.js and work around template engines like CSS processors, and tools like Typescript.

Two-Way Communication

Vue is a framework that enables two communication courtesy MVVM architecture. This makes it easy to handle HTML blocks. It is also very close to Angular.js which generates more speed in the HTML blocks. This feature can be termed as two-way data binding which means whatever changes are made in the UI is passed to the data and the same changes are also reflected in the UI.

This framework is considered to be reactive because it reacts to when the data has changed. When compared to libraries like React.js, it supports only one-way communication.

Great Tooling

The Vue.js framework is known to possess great tooling. It is considered one of the best tools for a JavaScript framework. Not only does it allow developers to start new projects like Routing, Linting, Unit Testing, Typescript, etc. in a built-in capacity.

Many of these components can be used for future projects. It allows users to add more features down the road. It also provides an adequate UI for project management.

Best of Two Frameworks

As Vue.js is inspired by React and Angular, it is considered to be the best of both these frameworks combined. For instance, its similarity with React is component-based, it uses Virtual DOM which makes it very fast. Like Angular, Vue.js also has directives with two-way data binding.

Although it is not as full-fledged a framework as the other two, Vue.js brings about a really good balance of features. It is very convenient to add more features along the way like Routing and State Management.

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