Top 7 Mobile Applications Developed Using the Flutter Framework

4 min readJan 17, 2022

Flutter is a developer-friendly mobile app development framework that was introduced by Google to make cross-platform development easier. To elaborate a little more, Flutter allows developers to build an application and compile it for multiple platforms.

This is one of the main reasons for the rise of Flutter in the software development domain. Because of the raging demand and market value of this framework increasing, the framework is updated frequently these days with advanced features.

How Flutter Helps Developers?

Here is how Flutter benefits developers:

· Enables them to preview the changes being made to code.

· Helps deliver high-performance applications.

· Provides the convenience of delivering apps on multiple platforms without the same codebase.

While these are some of the primary benefits that are sufficient for developers to prefer Flutter, there are plenty more ways Flutter helps ease the process for both developers and stakeholders.

Popular Mobile Apps Developed with Flutter

The following are some of the popular mobile apps developed using the Flutter framework:

Google Ads

Google Ads is a well-known mobile application that enables users to manage Google ad campaigns from their mobile devices directly. It is almost a trimmed version of a platform that desktop users can utilize to track the ad output from any particular location.

The app offers features like campaign statistics, access to bids and budgets in real-time, live alerts of every activity, keyword editing, and the option to get in touch with a Google expert. These features are not only intuitive but also satisfactory to the users.


KlasterMe is a flutter mobile app that is used to build social media websites that developers design. It allows them to build their page and add content in the form of blogs, images, essays, PRs, surveys, polls, and more. These creations are directly shared with the general public to attract target audiences.

This application comprises an active interface that uses only local content to make the process of posting more convenient to support the creation of attractive designs.


Reflectly is an AI-based mobile application that is used as a personal journal by users. It enables them to combine various self-care activities like cognitive behavior, meditation, optimistic thoughts, etc.

The purpose of Reflectly is to assist users in dealing with daily stress, overcome negative thoughts, and improve their mental health. One of its features involves expressing emotions in real-time while contemplating mental health.

This application provides users with details about their day went by and how valuable insights from self-help experts help them in coping with stress and depression.

Xianyu by Alibaba

When Jack Ma launched Alibaba, it was quietly understood that he is out to dominate the business world. As part of this big plan, the developers at Alibaba launched the Xianyu mobile app.

As it was created using Flutter, it became available for use on multiple platforms resulting in the app gaining more than 200 million users on the global level. In many ways, Xianyu set the benchmark for several other companies to use Flutter for mobile app development.

The performance and scalability of these applications also impressed the stakeholders and Flutter was on the map as a leading mobile app development framework.

Postmuse- The Instagram Photo Editing App

Instagram has successfully replaced Facebook as the most used social media application by the millennial youth. And these are merely facts without a hint of exaggeration. Not only among the youth but it is also being used by businesses to generate leads and conversions.

With so many users queuing up on this popular picture-sharing app every day, it becomes very important that each of them posts pictures with standard clarity and attractive filters. This is where mobile apps like Postmuse, which was developed using Flutter, are utilized.

Using this application, users can edit and design multiple Instagram photos simultaneously and post them directly. It recommends the best-looking pictures to the users that will help their Instagram feed look authentic.


The Hamilton mobile application is the app for a highly popular Broadway musical show and is built using the Flutter framework. This application was created for the enormous fan base of this band so that they can keep track of all the music news related to it.

This mobile app involves an entertaining karaoke program that music enthusiasts are likely to enjoy. It also includes quiz games, lottery games, videos, slideshows, etc. It consists of engaging interfaces on all the platforms it is available.


Launching is a dynamic smartphone application that allows its users to easily order food online. It is one of the most popular online food delivery apps in the world developed using Flutter.

It works in a simple manner where users can place an order on the app and the designated eatery accepts it based on availability. Once the bill is finalized and the payment option chosen, the delivery executive sets off with the order.

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