Top Web Applications Created Using Vue.js Framework

4 min readMar 22, 2022


Vue.js is growing in popularity as the framework used for the development of web user interfaces and SPAs. It is relatively easy and simple to start with which is why it is very popular in the JavaScript community. In this blog post, we will discuss the many successful web applications that have been built using Vue.js.

Applications Built Using Vue.js

Here are some of the top applications built using Vue.js


9gag is a social networking application that is similar to Twitter and Facebook. It has various news feed categories that can be used by the audience to stay updated with their followers. A PWA like this can be created using Vue.js.

Because 9Gag uses Vue.js for development, it is considered to be lightweight and responsive. It is used for front-end designing with more than 80 million unique users.


Behance is an application that is popular among graphic designers displaying design prowess. This web app helps graphic designers from various locations connect and collaborate.

Vue.js has been used as a front-end programming language used for app development. According to statistics, more than 40 million visitors are increased every month for this app.


Nintendo is a very popular gaming application used by gamers all over for using their website and buying them to play any time. Because of its user-friendly nature, it is used by more than 44 million active users.


Chess is a two-player game that is easily available on all platforms around the world. Vue.js was used to create chess as an eminent online platform. Chess has close to 80 million active which is probably the highest number for any Vue.js app.


Gitlab is a web application used as a repository to control different source codes that provide several options for membership on the platform. It enables organizations to select memberships based on their requirements and costs.


Wizzair is a popular airline company website that was built using Vue.js. It is also used for web app management. For instance, users can set up alarms, bookings, etc. Users can also use this web app for check-in, and many other services.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is an application for toolkit and icon settings by many users. It was built using Vue.js with the help of social logos for both desktop applications and web apps.

While these logos can be downloaded offline in the form of files, they can also be of help to users in finding the best icons for their projects. It also goes a long way in making the app quicker and more user-friendly for the audience. According to statistics, it has been more than 8 million active users.


Laravel is a PHP framework used frequently by web designers. It comprises an official website that is created with Vue.js for frontend development. One of its leading features is that it is lightweight and easy to use which makes it a tangible option for app development.

Although Laravel is a relatively popular website, all the user engagement was designed with lesser code.


Laracast is an ideal example for a Vue project that assists users to learn Laravel. This web application helps users create modules of Laravel. According to various industry experts, it helps in finding better learning resources too. Laracast is used in an open-source platform.


Spendesk is an all-in-one web application built using Vue.js for the financial administration of an organization. It is often used by companies to facilitate solutions.

Spendesk generates visibility and control on the overall spending of an organization. This web app is also a spend management tool built with Vue.js. for front-end development because of its lightweight features. It helps in the tracking of company expenses rather conveniently.

This web app enables users to easily keep the company’s finances under safe records.


Moderne is an application that enables creativity in an organization. It boosts the creativity department with tailored insights and ideas. It helps developers create brainstorming and helps bring out creativity for your organization. It is developed with the help of the Vue.js framework.

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