What Makes Motion UI an Emerging Web Development Trend?

4 min readMar 14, 2022

Motion UI is poised to become a massive trend among web developers for a while now. It is growing in popularity among frontend frameworks used to build fully responsive web design apps. This framework renders with the medium to create motion with a native application setting.

It also includes predefined motions that are accessible and can also be put to use for any type of project.

How Motion UI Makes the Context

Motion UI in web development makes storytelling much easier and also simplifies them to a certain extent. It also comprises a bunch of psychological triggers which are implemented in work plans to optimize normal user activity and generate interesting ideas.

How Motion UI is Used for Prototyping

With Motion UI, it becomes easier for developers to prototype animated elements and also integrate them into a website. Here are a few elements used by Motion UI for prototyping:


Animations can work great for loading spinners and also creating eye-catching CTAs for areas with errors. The Motion UI includes CSS animations that will display content with subtle effects and movement.


CSS transitions in web development are used to show the change in position of an object in a certain state from one place to another. It is considered great for showing new content, replacing it, and various other UI components like drop-downs and off-canvas.

Motion Modifiers

These classes make the creation of a wide array of motion quicker. If a developer can start creating base animations like slide, scale, spin, hinge, and then use motion modifiers, it is likely to affect the direction, speed, ease, iteration, and delay. The user is not obligated to use a JS file unless he or she wants to.

Design Principles for Motion UI

Focusing merely on the latest design frameworks and techniques are the only things that help in building a good application. Any good design can be governed primarily based on the approach and functionality of the design. Here are a few Motion UI design principles in the web development process that you must follow during app implementation.


Any application must be able to convey a distinct character while also trying to maintain a clear consistency throughout. Also, it should comprise a design that will engage the user and also provides unique solutions relevant to Motion UI.


Any motion UI design must be able to guide the user in the right way when he or she logs in on an app. It should also keep the user-oriented with a guided flow of actions. Apart from that, it should also establish a physical space by deciding how objects come into focus both on and off the screen.

While this prevents the user from feeling lost, it will also reduce their need of using graphics to guide them around the application.


This Motion is supposed to evoke a positive response from the user that can arise out of excitement that is caused by an animated transition or from the comfort of a scroll.


In general terms or a situation, a Motion UI design is supposed to be intuitive and responsive. The reason for this is, every reaction of the Motion UI is comprehensible and complementary to user action.

While these are the design principles in web development, it is not to be forgotten that there are better browsers, screens, networks, and devices out there. CSS3 and HTML5 are also some of the things that need to stop the motion from getting stuck.

Here are some of the areas where the Motion UI can be used:

Dynamic or Animated Charts

This assists in breaking away the repetitive chart images. It also eliminates the need to use static images to present analytical diagrams while presenting them better using animation.

Slow-Mo Page Background Animation

CSS animations can be used to put a page background for the website which keeps shifting in subtle ways.

Modular Page Scrolling

Allows a user to scroll separately individual columns of a page or even the entire page sometimes.

Progress CTA Buttons

Convert the CTA buttons into progress buttons seamlessly.

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