Why You Should Choose Ruby on Rails to Build a SaaS Product?

4 min readFeb 24, 2022

In recent years, the popularity of SaaS products has grown rapidly all around the globe. It is known to bring benefits to both the users and businesses significantly. The major benefits are that they reduce both time and cost of development.

Looking at the type of progress the SaaS industry is making, it is estimated that it will be more than 300 billion USD by the end of 2023. This makes a strong case for companies to focus on building SaaS product for their operations.

According to various SaaS experts, Ruby on Rails is a highly recommended framework to be used during a SaaS product development. Before we get into the details of why, let us take a quick dive-in about what SaaS products are.

What is a SaaS Product?

The simplest definition of a SaaS product is that it is an online software available to all users who have access to the internet. DropBox and Google Apps are industry leaders comprising the best SaaS products. As the cloud is responsible for managing the software, customers can forego the need to download something on their devices so that they use SaaS platforms.

SaaS products are not available as a one-time purchase but available in for certain periods like weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

How SaaS Product Development Differs from Other Products?

The SaaS product model is majorly known to outperform conventional software development models. If you are looking for some specified definition between SaaS and other product development, here are a few noteworthy factors:

Ease of Access

While software providers benefit from the SaaS model, so do the users. SaaS products enable the users to access the app through a web browser on any device at any time provided they are connected to the internet.

Timely Software Updates

As iterated earlier, SaaS product creation can be a powerful way to create application. And every SaaS product needs to be updated timely so that its stays relevant in the market and helps companies meet their business needs. Users never have to wait for the SaaS product to be updated because updates are automated and schedules to occur on time.

Selecting the Right Host Provider

SaaS products majorly rely on a stable infrastructure that can properly handle user data. Factors like third-party integration, availability issues, and API development are critical for developers. Therefore, selecting the right host provider becomes a priority.

Which Language and Framework are Ideal for SaaS Product Development?

As SaaS is continuously growing in the industry, almost every programming language and framework can be used to build a SaaS product. Languages like PHP, Java, and Python are easy to integrate with frameworks and resources like database systems, software libraries, etc.

However, industry experts have recommended entrepreneurs to go with Ruby on Rails framework for SaaS product development. Let us quickly understand why it is hailed so highly in the industry.

An Overview on Ruby on Rails for SaaS Products

The first product written in the Ruby on Rails framework was a project management tool called Basecamp and it was launched as a SaaS model. RoR gradually became popular among the developers because it provides several open-source libraries and its user-friendly nature.

Why is it Considered Ideal for SaaS Products?

Ruby on Rails is known to provide the four critical traits every developers looks for when developing a SaaS application.

· Performance

· Security

· Flexibility

· Scalability

Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails for SaaS App Developers

While RoR provides the above-mentioned traits which are important, it provides many more benefits to the developers. Some of them are:

· Ruby on Rails is very easy to setup which allows developers to hit the ground running.

· Developers are not required to start from scratch as they will have access to many libraries that will help accelerate development.

· It comprises of tried and tested implementations.

· Teams find debugging easier in RoR.

· As it is adopted by many startups and SMEs, the Ruby framework is surrounded by a more exploratory community of users.

· It is easy to developers who are familiar with both Ruby and RoR.

· Ruby on Rails is ideal for fast-paced environments.

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